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This position is responsible for leading the effective and efficient implementation of the federally regulated Fitness for Duty Program (FFD). This position assists the Security Services Manager in the administration and management of the FFD Program and the Fatigue Management Program by coordinating and monitoring of all day-to-day program activities in accordance with federal and state regulatory guidelines as applied by NRC, DOT, OSHA, HHS and SAMSHA 10CFR Part 26, 49 CFR Part 26, Part 40 and Part 382.


Lead the implementation of the FFD Program to include the Behavioral Observation Program (BOP) and required Annual Supervisor Reviews. Serves as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Fitness for Duty and provide technical direction, leadership and guidance to the FFD staff and training to new employees. Coordinate and overview FFD collections and support testing activities on a day-to-day basis. Assure that the chemical testing and collection process meets the written requirements of FFD policies and procedures, is in compliance with Energy Northwest SWP-FFD-01, SWP-FFD-02, GIH 4.6.1, NEI 03-01, NEI 03-05 and all federal/state regulatory guidelines as applied by NRC, 10CFR, Part 26, DOT, 49CFR, Part 382 and Part 40, OSHA, HHS and SAMSHA. Maintain a thorough knowledge of developments in FFD, issues in the regulatory environment, forensic workplace drug testing requirements, applied technologies, equipment and trends in the drug culture. Plan, support, and monitor assignments/tasks and recommend changes to improve efficiencies. Guide and advise subordinates in the more complex phases of their work. Ensure that all employees and contractor employees are processed with dignity and that all information is held in highest confidentiality.

Maintain all records and program elements of the Station Fatigue Management Program as they relate to 10 CFR 26 subpart A through H. Provide required informational briefings to the Security Services Manager and brief the Plant General Manager regarding program performance of the Fatigue Management Program to align associated regulatory guidelines and ensure compliance. Provide and perform training to regulatory Fatigue Assessor personnel as identified by plant management personnel. Direct the preparation, storage, and maintenance of FFD records, Fatigue Management records, and statistics while assuring strict confidentiality and safeguards. Manage the FFD tracking database and act as database application administrator, granting user rights and assigning record accessibility privileges. Direct the preparation and maintenance of statistical data for presentation to management and regulatory agencies. Analyze and evaluate FFD Program performance data to determine program effectiveness. Maintain direct liaison with regulatory staff on routine matters. Create auditable reports and meet federal regulations. Maintain of FFD performance indicators and the integrated trending and analysis process for FFD performance. Integrate and analyze data from various programs/processes such as the self-assessment program, behavior observation program, operating experience and performance indicators. Use the process to monitor and identify trends. Ensure appropriate action is taken to address identified issues and trends.

Act as technical representative on contracts. Coordinate the interface and communications with outside contract support organizations, i.e., clinical and forensic laboratory services, Medical Review Officer (MRO), contracted psychologists and Substance Abuse Experts (SAE), temporary employees, testing facilities, courier services, etc., to ensure operational and business needs are met.

Act as primary FFD interface for management actions and sanctions involving confirmed positive tests, the MRO, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), SAE psychologists and re-entry agreements. Assure referrals to the MRO, EAP and SAE psychologists are coordinated.

Provide FFD consultation and assistance to management on work suitability regarding behavior and fitness for duty issues. Oversees the Determination of Fitness process to evaluate an individual when there are indications that the individual may be in violation of the FFD program or policy or is otherwise unable to safely and competently perform his or her duties.

Act as Reviewing Official (RO) regarding unescorted access requirements under NEI 03-01. As an RO, the position is designated by Energy Northwest to be responsible for reviewing and evaluating all data collected about an individual including potentially disqualifying information, in order to determine whether the individual may be certified UAA or granted UA by the licensee. Documents results of interviews and makes recommendations when circumstances warrant denial or revocation of unescorted access authorization due to FFD or UA issues. Processes the denial or revocation of UA. Administers the denial or revocation to the employee/contractor and documents the process in PADS, SSIS and the employee/contractor's unescorted access authorization file.

Assist in the preparation, maintenance and revision of FFD Program procedures to ensure compliance with Energy Northwest policies and federal regulations. This includes serving as the primary interface with other Energy Northwest groups who have program implementing procedures. Creates and implements development of protocols that will support the annual electronic submittal of performance data to the NRC.

Control FFD input into security access authorization program for site access, suitability inquiry, reciprocity agreements, access denial, and re-entry. Act as Personnel Access Data System (PADS) FFD Administrator and point of contact responsible for developing and maintaining functional operating instructions outlining the specific tasks to be performed in FFD in support of the PADS system. Conduct data validation and submit verification of data validation to Site System Administrator in accordance with NRC, NEI and Energy Northwest policies and procedures. Ensure changes to the PADS directory listing are submitted to the Site System Administrator.

Develop, maintain and implement systematic process for evaluating and monitoring FFD Program implementation and performance indicators. Identify programmatic problems/deficiencies, recommend corrective actions to management and track the corrective action process. Develop methods to enhance awareness in the Behavioral Observation Program BOP/FFD requirements to reflect positive aspects for the program.

Direct the blind sample quality assurance program. Ensure proper handling of samples, documentation, and testing through to final dispensation. Notify laboratories of inconsistent results, request investigation as to the cause from the certified lab, conduct internal review, and investigate FFD processing. Based on the outcome of unsatisfactory performance testing, direct the certified lab to take corrective action and provide a report of their findings. Submit report of unsatisfactory performance to the NRC in accordance with plant procedures.

Act in the Security Services Manager absence and/or share in responsibilities as assigned. Provide input to supervision on employee performance expectations. Assists the supervisor in the preparation of the department annual budget.

Performs an assigned function in the Emergency Response Organization to support the station commitment to Emergency Preparedness. Completes annual training and exercise requirements and performs on-call duties.


Requires a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and six years of experience related to government regulated facility processes (such as NRC, DOT, DOE, OSHA, FAA and DOD), scheduling and work-hours management rules, Fatigue Management, and continuous improvement.

OR an Associate’s degree from an accredited college or university and eight years of experience related to government regulated facility processes (such as NRC, DOT, DOE, OSHA, FAA and DOD), scheduling, work-hours management rules, Fatigue Management, and continuous improvement.

OR a high school diploma or GED and ten years of experience related to government regulated facility processes (such as NRC, DOT, DOE, OSHA, FAA and DOD), scheduling, work-hours management rules, Fatigue Management, and continuous improvement.

Must be able to obtain NEI Reviewing Official Certification within 1 year of being selected for the position.

Must successfully complete color blindness test, background check and psychological evaluation. Must be able to obtain and maintain unescorted access.


Desire experience in the nuclear power plant industry. Demonstrated successful experience in direct support of plant operations and processes. Familiarization with complex regulatory requirements and knowledge of data tracking systems and analysis from a user perspective

Salary Range

Salary: $89,665 minimum to $112,081 midpoint, $134,497 career excellence

Typically, selected candidates are hired at a salary rate between the minimum and midpoint of the range, based on applicable experience and qualifications, market rate, internal equity, and budgetary allowances.


Energy Northwest (EN) offers a highly competitive and substantial benefits package which allows employees (and their families) to enroll in medical, dental, vision, and basic life insurance. Other voluntary benefits include flexible spending accounts, tuition reimbursement, supplemental life insurances, credit monitoring, and identity theft insurance. EN offers three retirement programs to qualifying employees including a matching 401(k) deferred compensation plan, the Washington State Pension Plan (PERS), and a 457(b) savings plan. Employees will also accrue 160 hours of personal time per year and nine paid holidays throughout the calendar year.

Other Compensation

Other available compensation includes our annual bonus program (“At-Risk Compensation” program), inducements, relocation, and various monetary recognition programs, when approved.

Equal Employment Opportunity

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate due to race, color, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, national origin, veteran status or on the basis of disability.

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This position is open until filled.